Driveway Book Sale

Name *christal smith
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Phone Number(803) 467-2095
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Driveway Book Sale – Friday, July 17 10am – 12pm
98 Bostick Circle in Battery Point
Bring books to sell and/or come to buy!
Do you need to sell books/ curriculum that is taking up room in your house? Or are you looking to buy gently used materials for this next homeschool year? Come to my driveway next Friday!! If you would like to sell, please PM me to let me know you are coming and bring your own folding table and come at 9:30 am to set up. If it rains, we can set up on my front porch. Each person selling will deal with their own payment transactions. I can accept PayPal or Venmo payments and of course, cash! (Pink school desks and a precious white kids’ table and chairs set are also for sale!)
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