CBCCA Mentor Mom

Dear friends, we have a family new to CBC and who are homeschooling their K student with CBCCA. Mom would love to connect with another homeschool family in the Bluffton area! If you are willing to chat and encourage this mom, please email me at cbcgay@gmail.com and I will give you her info! Thanks-Claudia

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  1. Felix and Dacia Eady | Reply

    Hi Claudia, Dacia Eady here! Hope that all is blessed in the Lord! I made a new facebook group for this exact reason. I, too, am a first time homeschooling momma (k) and needed a local group of just our community. Here is the link if this new momma has facebook. We already have a few of the veterans mommas in there too. Also, we have our 4/5 year old group for our Sunday school classes on facebook too. Look forward to meeting her online and in person once SS starts back up.

    Thanks, Dacia


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