Furniture for sale

(Listed are items from a home in Dataw. I am helping my parents dear friend from MA as she moves her elderly father back to MA to live with her. Claudia)

All listed items will need to be picked up purchaser, for additional details please email Ed Hill at

Kitchen Hutch (2 pieces, detachable) Description: 3 drawer, 2 shelves in bottom cabinet. Bottom Dimensions: 54” wide x 19” deep x 36.5” tall. Top Dimensions: 52” wide x 15” deep x 37.25” tall Manufacturer: Haywood Wakefield. Price: $400.00

Kitchen Tables & Chairs Description: Table includes 12” middle insert, 6 chairs, one with arm rests. Manufacturer: Haywood Wakefield. Table Dimensions: 61.75” long w/o 12” insert Price: $400.00

Leather Chair & Ottoman Dimensions Chair – 32” wide x 28’ deep x 30” high. Dimensions Ottoman – 25” wide x 20” deep x 14” high. Original Purchase Price: $1,347.00 Price: $ 200.00

Glass Coffee Table & Side Table (Set) Price: $325.00 Dimensions Coffee Table: 48” long x 30” wide x 16.5” high. Dimensions Side Table: 28” long X 22” wide x 22.5” high.

Leather Couch – 3 seat

Dimensions: 6’ 4” long x 34” deep x 32” high

Original Purchase Price: $ 1,895.00

Price: $350.00

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