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The Notgrass From Adam to Us curriculum is a one-year world history and literature curriculum for students in grades 5-8.From Adam to Us includes two primary textbooks (one for each semester; each includes 75 lessons). The daily lessons are written in a narrative style and richly illustrated with color photographs and maps. Volume 1: Creation to Cathedrals will introduce students to ancient civilizations, the Great Empires, the early Church, and the Middle Ages. Volume 2: Castles to Computers covers the early Renaissance, Age of Revolutions, Victorian Era, the 20th Century and up through modern communications. Each unit includes five lessons that look at biographies, landmarks, daily life, “God’s Wonders” (natural resources), and “Our World” stories (major events).

he Timeline Book covers the entire curriculum from Creation to the 21st century. Linked to the textbook assignments, students find the box that has the matching lesson number and copy the assigned statement onto the lines. Illustrations, dates, and famous people are also listed. Pages may be kept in-book or removed.

Our Creative World features primary documents that accompany the curriculum, including stories, poems, documents, and pictures of art, artifacts, and architecture. Entries include a short contextual introduction.

The Answer Key includes unit-by-unit answers to the Thinking Biblically and Vocabulary assignments given in the textbook, as well as answers for the Lesson Review book, Student Workbook, and Timeline Book. A vocabulary word list and a short summary of each literature books is also included.

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