Breaking News- Big changes to SAT & New way to be eligible for National Merit Scholarship without PSAT!

Just announced this week…

The PSAT on Jan 26th has been cancelled by many schools.

For 11th graders who wanted to take the PSAT in order to qualify for National Merit Scholarships, this was a blow. Only juniors who have NOT or will not take the PSAT can follow this process below.

Here is the alternative to preserve scholarship options!

Based on a discussion with National Merit Corp today to find out how 11th graders can still be eligible for National Merit Scholarships (and other scholarships based on the PSAT, this is what they said:

1) The student needs to go to and register. This must be done by April 1, 2021.

2) The student needs to take the March 13th and/or May 8th 2021 SAT.

3) The student needs to go into their CollegeBoard account, click “Send Scores” and send them to National Merit by using the code “0085”.

Scores have to be sent to National Merit Corp no later than Oct 15, 2021, but it is best to do it once you have your test scores from the March or May test.

(And of course, this opportunity is only for juniors who did not get the chance to take the PSAT through school this year. Students in other grades do not need to do this.) Please contact with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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