Hey Friends,
We are making final plans for our CBC co-op group. We will start meeting on Aug. 24, 9-12, each Tuesday. If you are a CBC member, homeschool, and are interested in learning more, please call, email or text me or one of the ladies noted below. We will be using the Claritas Publishing Cycle 1 as a foundational guide for our program. Your children will receive a full day of instruction each Tuesday with the exception of math. So maybe you would like to consider this program as it is a great opportunity for your kids to meet other homeschool children and have some fellowship time while they are learning the basics as well. We will also offer an art class each Tuesday which will reinforce the history lesson for the day. (i.e. if the lesson’s focus is on Egypt, the art assignment might be weaving, making a loom or designing a clay pot. These types of activities will help cement the historical content for the day.) Mrs. Kristie Schubert will be teaching and as most of you know she is a wonderful art teacher and just great working with kids!! All parents who participate will add to the program in some way so I am sure it will be a super program as I know so many of our CBC volunteers and they are such wonderful teachers and contributors:) Again, if you are interested, please start thinking and praying about this now so we can finalize our plans for the upcoming school year. An optional lunch fellowship is offered from 12-1 in the fellowship hall each meeting. Evelyn Owens

Stacey Horry (843) 271-0242
Tracy Cartier (904) 728-1178

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