Books for Sale:

Paragraphs for High School by Don and Jenny Killgallon —$3

Real Citizenship by Tim Echols —

$2A Beka Book Spanish 1 Vocabulary Manual by Steven A Guemann —

$5A Beka Book Spanish 1A by Steven Guemann —

$5A Beka Book Spanish 1B  by Steven A Guemann—

$5A Beka Book Spanish 2A by Steven Guemann —

$5A Beka Book Spanish 2B by Steven Guemann —

$5A Beka Book Spanish 2 Student Tests —

$3Easy Grammar: Grade 6 —

$10Easy Grammar Daily Grams Grade 6 —

$5Exploring American History 2nd Edition by Christian Liberty Press —

$3Building a City on a Hill —

$3All About Honophones by Marie Rippel —

$3All About Spelling Level 2 Teacher’s Manual —

$3The David C. Cook Journey through the Bible by V. Gilbert Beers —

$3How the Bible Came to us by Meryl Doney —

$2Children’s Encyclopedia of American History by David C King —

$5World of Science by My Father’s World —

$3The UsBorne Medieval World —

$5The U.S. History Cookbook —

$2The Fundamentals of Beginning Drawing with Barry Stebbing (missing #1 of 3 CD’s) — Free

If you are interested in any of the books, please contact me at

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