CBCCA Transcript requirement update

Dear friends, one of the biggest struggles in reporting for so many of you over the years has been the dreaded “T” word….TRANSCRIPTS! I had an “AHA” moment when an astute homeschool mom suggested a slight change in reports. Probably about 3% of the transcripts I get in are completely correct; and several years ago in order to produce a more uniform, professional look I started transferring all your transcript info onto a standard transcript form anyway. SO, beginning with the 21-22 school year we will not ask for a seperate transcript and progress report for HIgh School students, but simply a more detailed progress report

This means a progress report should also contain the info that would go on a transcript: numerical grade, GPA, credit info and type of course (College prep, honors etc…)

Over the next couple of weeks I will be updating the handbook and the forms located on the blog. And of course I am always available for any questions when it comes to reporting.

Hope this helps in your homeschool journey!


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