Beauty and the Beast field trip is FULL

Name *Candida Wells
Please provide appropriate contact info and check how you want people to respond. *email
Email *
Phone Number(843) 812-5281
Announcement Request *Beauty and the Beast field trip is FULL. Thank you to everyone who reached out quickly. There were over 200 tickets when I posted yesterday and by this morning, we took the last seats. If your name is on here then I saw your email and have your tickets confirmed:
Brants x5
B. Smith x2
Weatherford x4
Kuehl x4
Bywater x6
Kizer x6
Wilson x5
Howards x5
Magbee x3
Annie Grace
Osborne x8

If you sent Venmo, I got it. Everyone else can get money to me or Robb at Awana/Crossroads on Sunday, as we will be out of town on Sunday morning. Thanks friends!
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