Co-op updates

We are thinking of extending our Tuesday co-op day in the Fall of 2022 to include some upper-level classes.  We would love to include Grammar, Acrylic Painting, Literature/History/Writing classes based on the WWII period, Biology I lab, and/or Chemistry labs. Please let us know if you would be interested in your high school student’s participation. This is an approved ministry by CBC Elders and would require you as the parent to participate as well for the morning classes. There is a possibility that some high school classes will be offered in the afternoon but we are waiting to see if there is enough interest to extend the day. We ask that each parent help us with the classes whether your own child’s class or another age group. We can answer any of your questions if you would like to call Evelyn Owens (843) 812-1828 or Stacey Horry  (843) 271-0242. (The CBC Co-op is for any family who is a member of Community Bible Church.

Also in case you are not aware, we use the Claritas Publishing Guidebook, which is a classical education approach to education, for our kindergarten through 8th-grade classes. We draw from Master’s Books for Science, Mystery of History, and The Well Trained Mind for Grammar and Writing.
The curriculum for high school is as follows:

Grammar-Well Ordered Language


Science-Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology and Exploring Creation with Chemistry 

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