ATTN: High School Parents

As I am going through all the recently turned-in reports, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion over not only WHAT needs to be turned in but also the correct format. Hopefully, this will clear things up.

> Using the provided HS Progress Report * a brief summary of your student’s progress in each course
> The number of days your family homeschooled for the reporting period. This must total 180 days by the end of the year.
> In the last report of the year, you must include a statement saying that the student has fulfilled all requirements for that school year and is being promoted to the next grade.
> One sample of work in each subject is needed.
> A sample page of your plan book or course schedule. > Standardized testing results

THIS IS THE ONLY REPORT that should be turned in, I do not need a transcript as all info will be transferred to a standardized transcript that I will complete.

Please fill in ALL info on this report. Under the 1st and 2nd semester columns, this should be a NUMERICAL GRADE. Also, how many credits the course is; usually 1 or .5. Dual Enrollment college classes will always be 1 credit even though they are a 1-semester class. If your student is taking a regular college prep 1 credit class for the whole year, such as Algebra 1, even though you are giving a grade for 1 semester, it will be 1 credit- not 1/2 credit because only half of the course is completed. Also please indicate the type of course in the next to last column– CP/College Prep H/Honors DE/Dual Enrollment. You do not need to fill in the GPA, but you can if you wish.


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