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Now that I (the Parents) am in charge, what should my child learn.

Curriculum planning.
So now you are in charge. You have taken your responsibilities back from the schools, teachers,
crossing guards, cafeteria workers, janitor, head-teacher, dean, disciplinarian, school nurse, vice
principal, receptionist, principal, district superintend, board of education, dept of health education and
welfare, secretary of education, Bill and Malinda Gates, Carnegie, Rockefeller and a 1000 other
foundation and organizations that were deciding the future of your children.
What do you do? Maybe you are thinking that you can follow the states educational plan, only do it
Yes, you can do that. I would point out that is a very low bar to jump. The system is designed to
make students graduate whether they learned anything or not. Also the system is not designed for your
child’s benefit. It’s designed for the benefit of “Big Business”.
Besides, you are not raising an “egg Mac-Muffin”. You are raising a unique individual, a one of a kind,
Someone this world has never seen before nor will ever see again. Maybe his/her education should be
as unique and as individual as he/she is. That is what this/these talks are about.
How do you create the educational curriculum for your son(s)/daughter(s) that is created specifically
for him/her.
The song “the Greatest Love of all” says,
“I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way”
I disagree. We are our children’s future. And we have to lead the way.
This is a talk, a discussion, not lecture. After all, would I lecture the Secretary of Education about
curriculum? Nor will I lecture you, since you are the secretary of education for your children.
You can create a learning experience for your children that the state could never do, nor would ever do.
You can do this because you know your children, and care about their future as a human being.
So let’s chat and share ideas.
By: Lawrence Moore
When: Monday March 21, 2022
Cost: Free
Time: 8pm Central Daylight time (CDT).
How: Zoom
Meeting ID: 840 7763 6920
Passcode: 326066
For more information
Contact: email:

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