Book Blast seller update

Booksellers, follow the info below. We will be arranging all books by subject and utilizing a checkout system so you have the freedom to leave and/or attend any of the mini-seminars offered. You do not need to reserve a table(s).

Tagging Instructions:

o   Use a 3×5 card with the following clearly marked: Your Full Name / Title of Book / Cost / # of pieces if more than one.

o   Adhere to books with removable tape, preferably painter’s tape.

o   Securely combine multiple piece items with rubber bands.

Book Drop Off Times:

Saturday, June 4th from 2pm-4pm and Wednesday, June 8th from 4pm-6pm

When dropping off books include a STAMPED, SELF-ADDRESSED envelope and $1 seller administration fee.

Any unsold books need to be picked up Saturday after the sale, between 3:00-4:00pm

If you have any questions, please contact Stacey Horry at or 843-271-0242.

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