Progress reports-1st reminder!

Dear parents, most of you are wrapping up your school year and maybe even planning a summer getaway! Please don’t forget that reports for grades K-11 are due ON OR BEFORE June 15th. As a reminder your final report of the year needs to include the following:

¨     a brief summary of your student’s progress in each course

¨ the number of days your family homeschooled for the reporting period. This must total 180 days by the end of the year. 

¨ in the last report of the year, you must include a statement saying that the student has fulfilled all requirements for that school year and is being promoted to the next grade.

¨ One sample of work in each subject is needed.

¨ A sample page of your plan book or course schedule.

Also, for students in grade 3 or above a copy of their standardized testing results.

Reports not received by the due date are considered late and your future membership may be placed on probation. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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