Incoming Freshman Class Info

According to the South Carolina Department of education website, graduation requirements, i.e. credits needed to graduate beginning with the incoming freshman class of 23–24 are changing. I will be away from the office until Monday, if you have any questions, email me and I will get to them then.

High School Courses and Requirements

South Carolina Board of Education (SBE) Regulation 43-234 lists requirements for public high school students to graduate with a South Carolina High School Diploma.

Once legislative approval is granted to amend Regulation No. 43-234 DEFINED PROGRAM, GRADES 9–12 AND GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS, the graduation requirements beginning with the entering freshman class of 2023–24 will be as follows: Subject Area/ Credits. English 4. U.S.History 1 Economics .5 Other Social Studies 1. Mathematics 4 Sciences 3 Computer Science 1 Physical Education or JROTC or Marching Band with PE 1 World Language or Career and Technology Elective 1 Personal Finance .5 Electives 6.5 Total. 24

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