free online business course

My name is Karin Tucker and I am a homeschool mother of 5. I have developed a free online business course to help other homeschool families. My husband and I built two very successful businesses and I wanted to pass on my knowledge to others.

During this 45 day course, the student will learn about the beauty of business, God’s design for business, and the fundamentals to start their own business! The teacher will work alongside the student using the prompts/materials provided in the course.

As a homeschool mother, I know the necessity of a well-written course. I also know the severe need for financial/business resources in school curriculums.

I have attached these resources below for you to see if they would be helpful for the families you serve.

God bless and thank you for your time!

Thank you,

Karin Tucker

Why a Free Business Course?

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