Curriculum For Sale

Hi Everyone,

I have a few leftover items from homeschooling that I would like to sell.  If you are interested in anything or if a price seems out of line please call me at 846-8686/812-3945 or e-mail me


Denise Qualls

1)      High school level microscope w/ plastic cover      $75.00

2)      Apologia Science Marine Biology Microscope slides    $15.00

3)      Apologia Science Human Anatomy microscope slides  $30.00

4)      Multimedia Companion CD for Exploring Creation  version 8.0 (note: this runs on windows 8.1 also) $10.00

5)      Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Ed. $8.00

6)      2 boxes of various lab equipment ( includes test tubes and stand, becker, petrie dishes, spring scales, balance scale, 2 sets of dissection tools and trays, a few chemicals, many more. all items are leftovers from purchased Apologia Science kits. $ 15.00

7)      Vox Music Master’s: An Introduction to the Classics  6 CD set includes: $15.00




Schumann & Greg



8)      Cornerstone Curriculum Items


Music & Moments with the Masters Study Guide      $12.00


The Gift of Music: Great Composers and Their Influence  $10.00


Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music 4 CD set  $10.00


World Views of the Western Word: I have many of the books and audios for the 1 &2 years of this curriculum. There are too many to list.  If you are interested contact me for specifics. I f you are unfamiliar with these books go their website and check it out.  It is designed for the advanced student that loves to read.



9)      Audio Books complete and unabridged


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  6 Discs     $10.00

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mp3/CD ipod ready   $12.00

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Mp3/CD ipod ready  $15.00

In the Reign of Terror by G. A. Henty read by Jim Weiss (abridged )      $15.00



10)   Writing Strands


Creating Fiction     $8.00

Evaluating Fiction   $8.00

Reading Strands/ Understanding Fiction $8.00


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