Praise & Prayer!

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Good Morning Friends,
About 9 months ago Mike and I started the adoption process for a specific child we felt lead to adopt. Mike met Dillon at a luncheon at a group home in Tarboro, SC and was overwhelmingly moved by his story. Mike came home and shared his heart with the kids and I about the possibility of adopting a seventeen year old boy. After I started breathing again,(it was kind of a shock for me), we decided we would pursue the adoption process for Dillon.
Last week we found out that our case was completed and we were the family selected to adopt Dillon. Praise God! We do not have full custody of him yet but have visited him many times and formed a great relationship. He calls me mom, bless his heart! I can’t wait for him to start attending church with us on a regular basis and feel the love at CBC! God has blessed us in so many ways and we are excited to share those blessings with Dillon. Please keep us in your prayers, especially for a smooth transition. Thank you and God bless everyone of you!

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