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From Sharon –

Dr. Stephen Schvaneveldt, a Chemistry professor at Clemson University, will be offering an online chemistry class for high school students next school year.  The class will be taught at the Honors level.

The lectures are viewed online when it suits the student’s schedule, homework is done through a website, and Dr. Schvaneveldt is available for help when needed. Here is an example of one of the online lectures:

The charge is $50 per month for 9 months – September through May.  If you would like to reserve a space in the class, please send the first month’s payment (as a nonrefundable deposit)  to:

Dr. Stephen Schvaneveldt

109 Bonita Drive

Easley, SC 29642

Please note which format you are registering for, and include student’s name, parent’s names, email addresses and phone number.

Dr. Schvaneveldt has 20 years teaching experience at the college level.  This will be his fifth time teaching chemistry to homeschool high school students (references available upon request).  Dr. Schvaneveldt has won numerous teaching awards, most recently Clemson’s Award of Excellence for Teaching in the Sciences and Clemson’s Philip Prince Award for Innovation in Teaching. He was also named one of Princeton Review’s Best 300 Professors (1 of 14 chemistry professors nationwide included in this publication).

If you would like to see what Dr. Schvaneveldt’s students think of his teaching, visit

Lori Schvaneveldt

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