Cheerleading Available

From Clarissa Bickham –

We, Beaufort Wildcats, are a non-profit organization that strives to encourage the youth of our community to gain just that, self-confidence. We take pride in teaching and supporting our children in order to motivate them to be the best they can be. Our cheerleading and football program has given our children a sense of pride and confidence they did not have before. Our program has grown stronger and stronger every year and I am proud to be a part of this Blessing to our community. To see the growth, development and change in these precious children from the beginning of the season to as short as a couple of weeks within, makes my heart melt. The love and joy they express to each other feels like family! And that is why we have been identified as that – Family! We say, “One Team One Family” and we mean every bit of that!

I would love to grow our family even bigger by accepting more cheerleaders into our program. If possible, please send this flyer to all parents on the homeschooling network and to any other connections, groups or networks you approve of.

They may pre-register at or just show up to registration on June 24th.

On our final registration day, June 24, 2017, if the alloted time for their age group does not work for them, they are more than welcome to show up at the other time slot. I will be there at both time slots and will be happy to accept them. If they have any questions, they may contact me via the contact information below. I thank you for your time and pray you have a blessed rest of your evening.



Clarissa Bickham
Beaufort Wildcats
Cheer Commissioner
(954) 558 – 6892

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