Does your student need Algebra 1?

From Charlotte Cushman – Algebra 1

Algebra 1 Class available ~ August 14th – April 30th – 34 weeks

Mondays 11 am – 1 pm ~ 3-5 lessons per week for a total of 120 lessons.

Cost is $60.00 per month August – April.

If you are interested contact me at


The goal of this class is to give students confidence that they can do well in Algebra. I also want to make sure students don’t feel left behind in class. Although we work hard, we also have fun and I incorporate games and friendly competition into lessons. Also there is generally chocolate involved.

Teaching and Review of concepts

I explain the lesson and we will talk about it. I will show the students how to work out an example problem on the board. Then I will give them similar problems to work out on their own (each student has an individual wipe board).


After each student demonstrates understanding, they will do practice problems. When each student can correctly do the practice problems, I have them do the problems from the lesson.

Standardized test practice

Class ends with standardized testing practice and practice problems and possibly chocolate.


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