Need to re-home Sam!

Oh gosh, this is a hard post. William and I recently moved and are adjusting to our new home. Many of you may not know but William has Alzheimer’s and the move was a timely blessing so that I may be closer to work and it allows me to care for him better.

The short story is that Sam the dog is very much a people person and a very rambunctious 1-3/4 year old. He wants to play and play and play and I can’t give him the time he needs, and because of William’s condition, he us unable to interact with him like I had hoped.  He is an Australian Shepherd/lab mix, about 44 pounds at the last vet visit. He is fixed and chipped. He is typically not a “barker” and will “sit” and get his toys to play. I had started to house break him and have had no accidents, but it made William upset to have him in the house.

I began praying with some friends this morning that God would provide a loving family soon. If you are interested, please text me at 843-812-2864 or email


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