Homeschool Friendly Swim Team Available

My name is Dennis Lugemwa. I am the Owner and Head Swimming Coach of The Low Country Aquatic Club, serving the local Savannah and Beaufort areas. I was directed to reach out to your church, regarding an interest in organizing a homeschool swim team at The PALS Pool at Battery Creek!
A lot of times, homeschooled children get left out of activities that are designed for after school activates for children that attend public and private schools. I hope to make a difference in this issue, and to reach out to multiple homeschool groups about swimming!
Given the ages, interest, and ability levels of children who may be interested in a swimming program, I would love to help provide group swimming lessons. I can arrange lessons ranging from water safety all the way up to the competitive swim team level during the more convenient times of mornings and afternoons for these families!
Listed below is the website for the team and my additional contact information. Please let me know if I can answer any additional questions, or if there is an interest to get these kids swimming! I look forward to hearing from you!
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