Literature Classes Offered

From Dawn Curry –
Hello Parents,
I am considering offering different grade levels of literature classes for the 2018-2019 school year based on feedback from y’all. Below are the different options that could be possible:
1. 5th/6th Grade Grammar and Literature Course which would include Easy Grammar, basic writing and reading of classical literature—a total of 8-10 students possible
2. 7th/8th Grade Literature and Composition Course which could include Easy Grammar, but ultimately would include the basics of writing and reading classical literature—a total of 8 students possible
3. 9th-12th Grade World Literature and Composition CourseThis course has been offered to my returning students, and I have room for possibly 3-5 more students (first come basis).
If you would be interested in signing your students up for any of these courses, please email me with name, grade and any questions. The classes will have a monthly cost plus any books that are required for the class.
Dawn Curry
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