SAT Prep Class Available


From Stephanie Fowler –

She highly recommends this class.


Mary Trask and Betsy Rhatigan are holding an 8-week SAT Preparation Workshop in which students will learn tips and tricks to tackling the SAT and will work through practice tests in order to gain test confidence and improve scores.

Throughout the classes, practice tests will be reviewed to understand why correct answers are correct, and why incorrect answers are incorrect. Students will begin to see patterns and better understand both the questions asked and the answer options provided.

Each student will be assigned a personalized course of study through Khan Academy in order to independently practice for the test. The College Board and Kahn Academy have joined together to help students prepare for the SAT, and we will select specific sections for your student to work through in order to improve on areas of weakness. These assignments will be updated weekly.

SAT Prep Summer Session students will be invited at no additional cost to participate in College Admissions 101, an informational workshop providing an overview of the college admission process. Topics will include the five elements of a successful college application, top ten factors in an admission decision, timelines for testing and applying, and resources for the college search.




818 Bay Street


June 4 through August 8

Tuesdays and Thursdays-9:00-10:00         *No class the week of July 2, 4 or July 16 and 18


Mary Trask


Betsy Rhatigan


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