Fully Funded!

This is fully funded! Thank you! Praise to the Lord our God!

From Monica –

Good morning friends of the Wells family!

We have watched God provide so faithfully throughout the stories of adopting both Kenan and Aiden and I know many of you have joyfully participated in supporting their family in prayer, support, finances and love. There is a very short window of opportunity this morning to help this sweet family once again as the boys birth mother is preparing to be induced on Tuesday with a little brother or sister. The Wells have the option of adopting him/her but need to raise $14,000 by NOON today! This is a big task but it is not too hard for God and so I am asking if 140 of you would consider committing to give $100 before noon today. You can give more or you can give less – but this would knock out quickly and with a strong testimony of what God has in store for this little one.

If you are able to make a pledge, please call/text/email Monica by NOON and we will follow up with instructions this afternoon! Thanks in advance! Please share!

Monica Wilkinson



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