Family Page Time!

CBCCA Homeschooling Families!Yearbook 2019 Sample
We want you!

The CBCCA Homeschool Yearbook is a tradition that CBC kids and families treasure for years! My family personally loves to go back through the CBCCA yearbooks we have a accumulated over our last 20 years of homeschooling.
We are already so busy with homeschooling… many times we don’t have time to document the fun we had as a homeschool group or as a family. The yearbook is a fun, affordable way to remember your homeschooling journey year by year.
Won’t you be a part of this year’s fun?
If you are a member of CBCCA, all you have to do is respond to this post via email to with your RSVP so that we can reserve a page just for your family!
I will email you back with instructions on how you can create your very own personalized family page with the option of adding two more free personalized pages.
For those of you new to CBCCA the yearbook is not a requirement. It is just a fun way to see a lot of our families and put names and faces together. You can even submit a family page even if you’re not purchasing a yearbook. We would love for all of our families to be in it!
Please email me at or call or text me at 843-592-1502 (please include your name so that I will know who the RSVP is for) to let me know if you would like to be a part of this!
The deadline for family page submissions will be April 20th. Please let me know this week by Friday if you are in! We will give you all the help you need to get started!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Charlotte Cushman

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