Live Online Math Classes Available Starting Aug 10th

From Charlotte Cushman


Homeschool moms know that they don’t have unlimited time. In fact, you probably know that it is very difficult to personally tutor every lesson for every subject for every student in your homeschool.

YouTube videos and DVDs are great resources … but wouldn’t it be nice if your student could interact with other students and a live tutor as they are working through their Saxon textbooks?

That is what I offer.

Twice a week for seventy minutes each, your student will work with a live tutor, working through the examples and practice problems of the Saxon text along with other students. Students will ask questions and participate with a goal of demonstrating understanding of the material as they work through the material together.

This year I am offering Algebra 1/2, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

Classes are Monday/Wednesdays

For times, more information and pricing go to

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