CBCCA Yearbook Family Page & Senior Section Deadline

Family Pages and Senior Sections are due Monday, April 4th. 

If you have participated in the yearbook before just “Log into” Treering (Do not create a new account).

If you are planning to do a page please text Sue Cerrillo (712-249-1095) so that she can go ahead and start alphabetizing them and saving your page.

If you know for sure that you DO NOT want to do a page… please let us know that too so that we don’t have to follow up with you.

If you are a new family or have never participated in the yearbook you can “Create a new account” TreeRing.com. Just look for Community Bible Church Christian Academy (fully typed out).

Here are some examples of Family Pages. 

You will see 2 pages when you sign into Treering (ie. page 1-2) Please design your family page on just ONE of these 2 pages. Include all the names of those in your family somewhere on the page. You can include a group shot or individual pics of your family. When you are done, we will then transfer your page over to the main yearbook for all to see and then we will remove it from your custom pages so you will have those back to add more photos that will only show in your personal yearbook. 

For the senior families only:

You will see a full page spread when you sign in to Treering on your custom pages. (ie pg 1-2) 

Your senior section will be designed on 1/2 of one page. (just 1/4 of the 2 page spread) this is so we can get 4 seniors on 2 pages.

You can complete the senior section and a family page at the same time.  These pages will then be copied over to the main yearbook for all to see and you will have your 2 free custom pages back to add more photos to that will only show in your personal yearbook.

example of 4 seniors with 1/4 page for each senior.

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