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FitKids Info Available!

From Tracy –fit kids logo

Hi Parents!

If you would like to see how your child is progressing with the FitKids goals, the scores are available to view in Evelyn’s office along with the benchmarks.

Thank you,
Tracy Behrens

Fit Kids Individual Log to Print Out

If your child lost their log – I know one of mine did – click below to get a copy to print at home: fit kids logo



Fit Kids

From Tracy –

Hey everyone,fit kids logo
We had a great time at Fit Kids last week! Our group goal is to travel a total combined distance of 2,903 miles. This is the distance from CBC to the Pacific Ocean. We have a group goal to help encourage everyone to excersise outside of just Wednesday mornings at Fit Kids. There is a small form that was sent home with each child, there are extras outside of Evelyn’s office, that can be used to log the miles. Please turn these forms back in at each Fit Kids Wednesday so that the totals can be added up and tracked to see how fast we can reach our goal. If the goal is met there will be a special surprise at the end of the year!

The kids will also have individual goals. Once they meet or exceed these goals they will be awarded the Fit Kid Award at the end of the year. The individual goals are divided into two components and both must be met to achieve the Fit Kid Award which is optional. There is a running/walking component as well as an excersise component. The excersise component includes push-ups, curl-ups, v-sit reach, jumping jacks or jumping rope.

Here are the benchmarks that need to be reached to attain the Fit Kid Award.

Any questions let me know.

Tracy Behrens