Hosts needed for “Meals with a Missionary”

From Barbara Paul – 

Be a part of world missions! Host a meal for missionaries coming to CBC for the World Missions Conference!

People should contact me at 843-645-2353. Meal hosts need to invite some friends/ neighbors to their home to share a meal with a missionary and then hear about the missionary’s work and country. It can be geared for all ages. It is suggested that the meal be a potluck dinner.

Guidelines for Hosts

Meals with a Missionary

Purpose: Provide a meal and a time for missionaries to share his/her story in a small group setting, either at the table or after the meal

Date: Thursday, Oct 1, 2015

Time: 6 PM – 8:30 PM

Place: Homes of CBC members, hopefully at the same location where the missionary is staying

Who is invited? Missionary (and their translator), and friends and neighbors of host family, ABF groups, missionary’s host family.

Who does the inviting? The host/hostess

What kind of meal should be served? Potluck dinner is encouraged, thus sharing the work

What kind of food should be served? Chicken and rice seem to be a staple all over the world. The fellowship counts more than the food!

How many guests should you invite? Meal hosts may decide upon the exact  number of guests, however, 10-12 guests is the desirable size; invite more guests than desired so that enough will actually be present for the meal; several families together may be host for the meal; or a supporting ABF may be a host for the meal

Who is responsible for transportation of the missionary? Meal hosts may be responsible for transporting missionaries/translators  to and from their host homes, or  for giving directions to their home

What is the evening program?  After a short introduction of the missionary by the host, the missionary should speak about his work, his family, his country. The evening program should end about 8:30/9 PM, so that the missionary can get ready for the Friday events. The missionary should share about 30-45 minutes and allow some time for questions and answers.

Any questions?  Call Barbara Paul at 843-645-2353 or Joyce Woodard at 843-706-2941






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