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Looking for children’s playhouse etc

From Susan Brant –

Looking for stick horses, a little table and chairs and a little playhouse for sale –



ISO Golf Cart

We are in search of a “gently used” golf cart. If anyone has one for sale, please contact me by email or text.

Thank you,

Dawn Curry

Help Share Jesus with Kids!

multicultural-education(From Charlotte: This is a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel. I have subbed for Mary Ann for these groups and LOVED it! These kids are hungry for the Bible.)

From Mary Ann Tkach –

Looking for volunteer(s) to help with Bible lesson on Mondays and Tuesdays during the  public school year.  We teach a total of 4 times in 2 days.

On Mondays at 4 we teach the 1st and 2nd graders until 4:30.  At 4:30 we teach the K4 and K5s until 5.

On Tuesdays we teach the 3rd graders from 4 until 4:30 and the 4th and older from 4:30 until 5.

You would need to provide your own transportation. However, if you are only available for one of these days or a few times a month, maybe we can work out if there is more than one volunteer. Please contact me to get more information!

Can you help with a move Monday during day?

Friend needs help moving tomorrow starting at 9 am… if you can help with moving heavy things please contact Catherine Heilker 816-703-8770 or

Is anyone interested in Driver’s Ed?

I was wondering if anyone is interested in a “homeschool” driver’s ed class. It would need to be on a Wednesday or Friday basically all day.

I haven’t scheduled one yet.. .need to know who wants it.. and whether they could do either day or specifically Wed or Fri.

It costs $300.00 – half down and the other half due by last drive.

Charlotte Cushman – 843-592-1502 or

Botany Needed

If you have this book please get in touch with Eliana below even if you didn’t see it in time to get with her today. I will pick it up for her here in Beaufort if anyone has it.

Charlotte Cushman 843-592-1502
Phone Number (843) 694-2523
Announcement Request *
ISO Apologia Botany. I need this immediately. I can only pick up tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks!

Rental under $1000 Needed

From Laurie  –

My co-worker is looking for a 2 bedroom apt or house under $1000 – if you know of something could you please contact Lakisha? Thanks

Please contact Lakisha at 256-361-4573

ISO Apologia Biology Prepared Slides

From Kelly -apologia slides 

I'm looking for the Apologia Biology microscope prepared slide set to borrow or buy. Thanks! 
-Kelly (843) 321-6935

Can you leave empty 2L soda bottles at church today?

From Brenda Harmon:

ISO: empty 2 L bottles. If you have them and can donate, and will be at church tonight(ONLY if you can leave them tonight, or sometime today).
Please leave them for Brenda Harmon.  843812-9454 thank you!

Commercial Cleaning Help Needed

Looking for steady evening work and flexible evening hours? Commercial cleaning may be the right fit for you.

Local Christian-owned business looking for workers who have integrity and are dependable. Must have transportation, good work ethic and pass background check.

Contact John Mahan at JaniKing 843-252-3221.