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Volunteer Camp Assistant Needed

Nikki Fripp is in search of a volunteer to help her with a day camp at Scott Community Center on St. Helena. This is would be a wonderful opportunity to impact children in this community and be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. Please contact Nikki if you are interested in helping in this way.

She also in need of people to help with rides to some activities that were planned that initially were supposed to have access to a 12 passenger van. This would be once a week.

Additionally if anyone can come and help once or twice a week or for a few hours a day that would also be greatly appreciated.

I am hoping to help some myself after VBS. The camp runs through the first few weeks of August.

Contact me if interested and I will put you in touch with Nikki – or 843-592-1502

Car Needed
Phone Number (803) 414-2360
Announcement Request *
Car Needed ASAP!!

Hello, My husband and I both work and are in need of a second car. We are looking for something very affordable and reliable. We don’t care what it looks like. we can be contacted at 803-414-2360 or 843-271-5042

Family looking for 3 bedroom house to rent

From Kelly –

A nice Christian family of five is looking for a 3 bedroom house to rent. They were paying $1,000 a month, but they have to move due to the house being sold. If you know of anything, please email me at and I will forward it to them. They have 1 pet and would prefer a fenced in yard.

  Thank you!
Kelly Erdel

Looking To Borrow or Buy

From Dawn –

I am looking to borrow or buy (would prefer to buy) Saxon Algebra 1/2, Algebra 2 (3rd edition), Saxon Advanced Math (3rd edition) and Apologia Physical Science.

Online Photography Course?
Phone Number (843) 476-7691
Announcement Request *
I wondering if anyone has had any luck with online high school elective classes for Photography. My son needs one credit of Fine Arts next year and I was trying to find something for Photography that he could do online. Any help would be appreciated.
Shannon Keith

Looking for Til We Have Faces by CS Lewis

From Sue –

Does have anyone have copy(ies) of Til We Have Faces by CS Lewis? Looking to borrow for Literature class.


Sue Cerrillo



Monitor Needed for Dance rehearsals/recital

From Charlotte –

Looking for monitor for rehearsals and recital for our dance studio’s recital for my daughter’s ballet class. Must be an adult with clean record who loves children. Need to be able to assist with getting them ready and shuttle them back and forth to dance. Approx 12-15 hours work total. Dates are May 3-6 not sure whether our rehearsal will be the 3rd or 4th yet … but definitely the 5th (4:30 until?) and 6th (1:30 until?). If you are interested in this please message me. The parents chip in and pay a lump sum per dancer. This would be twelve aged 9-10 year old girls.

Low Loft Polyester Batting Needed

From Sue –
We are looking for donations for VBS of low loft polyester quilt batting or stuffing for Operation Arctic decorations.

They could be left over scrap pieces that are too small for a quilt, but large enough to maybe cut into 2-3ft strips.

If they would like to donate to the cause, please have them contact me, Sue, and I can arrange to pick it up from them or meet them at church to get it.  ( there just isn’t a good place at church for me to collect something like this, so this seems just as easy.)

Please feel free to word it any way you’d like.  you can include my email and phone

Books Needed

From Rena –

Hello! We are in need of the following TCL books to borrow or buy:

1. The Norton Introduction to Literature 11th edition ISBN: 978-0393913392

2. Art; a Brief History with my Arts Lab ISBN: 978-0134127132


(843) 505-4600


Servers Needed For Radiance Women’s Center Banquet

Radiance Women’s Center is looking for mature energetic young people to volunteer as radiance logo.jpgbanquet servers for the annual fundraising event on Friday, April 21st, 2017 in the fellowship hall of Community Bible Church.

We are looking for volunteers to help with setting tables, serving guests and clean-up during the time frame of -10 pm.

Of course this commitment will count as community service and we will be happy to provide a letter of participation to those who request it after the banquet.

Center will hold its annual fundraising banquet on Friday, April 21st, 2017 in the fellowship hall of Community Bible Church, Beaufort, SC.

All interested participants are asked to contact Tarra Herring, our Hospitality Coordinator, at  and include full name, age, best contact information, and your organization (i.e. school, church youth group). Or contact the Center @ 843.525.0300 and asked to be added to the volunteer sign-up list.

Thank you for your support to this vital ministry!

radiance logo.jpg