Frontlines Meals needed

Hey all, we have several meal openings for March and April. So I thought I would repost the link needed to sign up for a meal:

If you would like to volunteer to cook a meal for Frontlines, here is the important info: dinner is served from 6 -7 PM. A main dish, a side dish and a dessert are needed each week to feed about 65-75 people. Drinks, cups, plates and silverware, etc. will be provided. There is a weekly budget of $125.00. You can turn your receipt into Drew Kuehl for reimbursement. You may cook at your own home or at the Youth building. You can cook by yourself or with a friend and bring the food to the youth building by 5:30 PM so that everything can be set up to be served by 6 PM. We will take care of the serving. If you have any questions please call Mary Ann Tkach at (843) 812-5106

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