Baby Items Needed

Please consider coming alongside this family –

My name is Jeanette and I am a member of Community Bible Church.

This is the situation, my son was hit by a car while working and has just returned to work. I thank God for placing a hedge of protection around my son and showing all of us that his grace and mercy is sufficient and that he is not done with him yet. There is work to be done for the kingdom.

He and his fiance is expecting their first child together and is not in a good financial place right now. They are in need of everything for this child. It is a boy and is due December 15th. I am reaching out for any help or resources you might be aware of.

I’m a true believer in not waiting until the last minute and God directed me to first start with my church family. Thank you in advance for any assistance or guidance you may have.

Your Sister in Christ,
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