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FYI Free Book Fair Event


St. Elena History Center thought that homeschoolers may be interested in this free event. See details on poster.

Free to a new homeschooling mom

From Jennifer –

I have the resource book, From Kindergarten to College, that I am giving away, perhaps to a new homeschool mom.

If this would be helpful to you please email me!


Jennifer Campbell

Cockatiel and a parakeet FREE!

Hi! Does anyone want some birds?  A cockatiel and a parakeet in a large cage. I also have a smaller cage they came in.
Thanks, Kathy Qualls



From Jennifer –

WE are cleaning our attic and have quite a few boxes that we would give away that would be good moving boxes. FREE

Also, I have some Abeka, Saxon etc schoolbooks, different grades, could you put that on too and then someone could just email me if they are looking for a particular grade or book. That would be great. THank you.

Jennifer Campbell

Free Books
Phone Number (843) 476-8909
Announcement Request *
I’m purging my library of Christian books that I’ve collected over the years. There are approximately 50 books, authors such as: Dobson, Jeremiah, Burkett and many more. I can send photos of them if you’d like, to many to list here. Thank you, 843-476-8909, Charles Cox.

Free Twin Box Springs Please Pick Up

Free to good home:

3 twin box springs. We do not have mattresses.

These have been stored in our guest bedroom and company is on the way! Please contact me for pick up asap if interested.

Julie Snyder

Beautiful Dog to good home!

Leslie Solitro is looking for a good home for her 5 year old, 22lb Pomeranian Mix  female dog. She is fixed and housebroken and up to date on all her shots. She is good with children and other pets. Free to a good owner and home!
Call Leslie at 843-379-0409 or 912-373-2277 to arrange a time  to meet her.

Planner Pages

I created a planner page for myself that I really like. I wanted to share it with you all. This is a pdf. You can look at the “sample” to see how I use it. I hand write the assignments so the only things that are typed are constants.

I did fill in the menu and some of the weekly to do list as a sample.

Sample of how it is used here – planner-page-sample

Blank Two-Page Spread Planner Click Here – planner-pages-blank

If you have Microsoft Publisher – I can send you an editable file via email if you email me at:

Looking for bookcases

From LeAdria –

Two of my bookshelves collapsed last night – if anyone has some bookshelves that they are looking to get rid of – I would be most appreciative.

Or if you have some very inexpensively priced let me know that as well.




Free Haircuts – first come first serve – Make an appointment today!

From Kennedy Sooknanan –

Please pass the word. FREE haircuts at ACE on Tuesday 25th. If you have girls we can possibly squeeze in a FREE manicure or pedicure. Please call me to make appointments or you can email me (843-987-7638  or

\Who: We need you!

What: FREE haircuts.

When: Tuesday 25th 2016.

Where: ACE 80 Lowcountary Dr.

Time: 9 am till 11 am.

Why: The ACE students need practice.

Cpl. Kennedy Sooknanan

School Resource Officer / A.C.E

Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office